Ireland Alloys – Lighting Project

At the beginning of 2018, Ireland Alloys approached us to provide new LED Lighting throughout the entire premises, this included numerous different types of fittings to suit office, corridor and factory lighting. We worked closely with the client to ensure that they were more than satisfied in the product we were planning to install. This company also operate a nightshift with only a few members of staff in during the night and a large part of the factory isn’t in use during the working hours throughout the night, therefore each new LED fitting we provided came with built in LUX level sensors and Motion sensors from the manufacturer. Throughout the factory all fittings are initially off in the factory until the motion sensor detects movement, over and above the motion sensor the lux level sensor allows the lighting to remain off until there is inadequate natural light coming into the factory, where it will then switch on if there is a member of staff in this area. This allows maximum saving in the factory rather than the lighting running all day and night as they were before this project was carried out.

This installation has now resulted in an annual saving of their energy bills of over £25000 per Year.

We have in place lighting design engineers who can on request put together a free lighting design package, which often incorporates low energy lighting, low energy lighting is a specialty of ours offering the most efficient cost-effective lighting on the market today.

We also recently supplied and installed a new Schneider 7-way panel board with an 800 Amp Incomer as well as all the relevant containment for the 45-meter 150mm cable run. This was to allow the client to bring in new machinery for part of the production line.

A few kind words from Tom Bridges at Ireland Alloys……..

May I personally thank J.F.M. and the team for the recent work completed in Ireland Alloys Blantyre. The project team ensured that the jobs were not only completed on time but ahead of schedule as well. They were an excellent team who provided a very good job whilst having to work in amongst staff and machinery that could not be moved out their way.

Also, the new LED lighting system they installed has greatly improved our working environment and our lighting costs.

I would happily recommend J.F.M. Electrical Ltd. as a trustworthy and sensibly priced company.

Tom BridgesOperations Manager
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