Electrical Installation

JFM as a company are committed to supply a second to none service especially in the area of electrical installation. Our roots lie in this area of the business, and we have maintained our dedication to assisting, advising and helping our customers install electrical systems that not only meet their current needs, but wherever possible are designed and installed to future proof the needs of your business.

Involve our team at the early stages of your design, and we will work alongside your company, and any other sub-contractors to smooth the way through the installation, taking the “stress factor away. Our clients are specialist in their own business areas, and we believe that by using J.F.M. Electrical, you will achieve a solution and installation the meets your needs as accurately as possible.

Over a number of years, J.F.M. has built a wealth of experience in all areas of electrical installation, from new constructions, through full refurbishment programs, to minor ongoing electrical maintenance. We can bring our expertise to you, by ensuring you get the best possible installation within your budget.

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